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🎄 Santa's Favorite Stoner Large Gift Bag

🎄 Santa's Favorite Stoner Large Gift Bag

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Big Fun with Big Bags! Perfect for everything from delicate glass treasures to adult surprises. Dive into our playful collection of Cannabis-themed, Naughty, and Classic Gift Bags

🎅🎉 Introducing the "Santa's Favorite Stoner" Large Gift Bag – a bold and playful addition to your holiday retail collection! This eye-catching gift bag features vibrant red, pink, and white stripes, along with the cheeky phrase "Santa's Favorite Stoner" in a lively red script, perfectly capturing the festive spirit with a humorous twist.

Designed with the cannabis-friendly community in mind, this gift bag appeals to a young, vibrant demographic looking for unique and fun wrapping solutions. 🌿✨ The pink and red striped sides add an extra touch of holiday cheer, ensuring this bag stands out on your shelves and catches the eye of every shopper.

Generously sized, this large gift bag is versatile enough to hold a variety of gifts, from accessories and apparel to holiday treats and more. 🎁 By stocking the "Santa's Favorite Stoner" Large Gift Bag in your store, you’re offering customers a fun and memorable way to present their holiday gifts, ensuring they leave your store with a smile and a product that speaks to their lifestyle.

Ensure your retail space is ready for the festive season with a product that combines functionality with a playful personality, and watch as the "Santa's Favorite Stoner" Large Gift Bag becomes a favorite among your holiday assortment. 🛍️🎄

MSRP: $8.00

13"H x 9.6"L x 4.5" 

White Handles / Double-Sided Print 

Large Gift Bags for the Large and In Charge! This new size can now hold your favorite glass pieces to adult toys to wrapped gifts. Choose from our selection of Cannabis, Naughty, and General Gift Bag choices. 


Design Details: 

Size: 13"H x 9.6"L x 4.5"

Includes: Large Gift Bag with White Cord Handles, Double-Sided Print

MSRP: $8.00 USD

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